14 November marks World Diabetes Day. We teamed up with Amana Hospital, Ilala, Dar es Salaam, in support of this day to screen, educate, bring awareness and medication to not only those with this chronic disease but everyone as we are all affected one way or the other. Our theme for this year was a “Kisukari Kinadhibitikaa” which means “Diabetes can be controlled”.

Appreciation goes to the doctors and nursing staff at Amana Hospital for a sterling job. We provided the machines for blood pressure and glucose testing for the 200+ people who showed up. During the day, 70 diabetic patients received free medication as prescribed by the doctors and 30 of the 70 were newly diagnosed cases. The show up indicates that there are a lot of people affected and we hope to increase awareness and join efforts to healthier lifestyles, food choices, regular exercise and healthier environments.

At Pyramid Pharma, we support World Diabetes Day because millions do not have access to the care they need and thus our assistance is greatly needed. With the right diabetes education, care and access to medication, those who are diabetic can still live life to the fullest.