Our specialised diagnostic division provides solutions and innovative products to our customers. We believe that understanding our clients' needs and offering consultative proposals reflects our partnership spirit.


Blood collection materials
This range offers a complete blood collection system of tubes, needles, needle holders, tourniquets and safety devices, for venous and capillary specimen collection and transportation.

Specimen (sample) collection materials
We have a specimen collection portfolio of tubes, swabs, vials and cups, we also provide storage and transportation facilities in the required pre diagnostic environment.



We offer complete testing solutions from a health centre with a CBC + 3 part differential equipment to a referral centre with a CBC + 5 part differential and clinical research parameters testing equipment and all their reagents, calibrators and quality controls.


We offer all range of Coagulation Analysers, reagents, consumables and controls.


We offer testing solutions for diagnosis of infectious disease and microbial infections. This covers automated blood culture instruments, bacterial identification and susceptibility testing instruments. We also offer dehydrated and prepared culture media, susceptibility discs, environmental monitoring and QA/QC organisms and applications.


We offer immunoassay analysers, reagents, consumables and controls for testing viral infections, cardiac markers, cancer markers and fertility hormones.

Clinical Chemistry

We offer complete testing solutions; spectrophotometers, electrolyte analysis to fully automated random access analysers with their associated reagents, calibrators, consumables and quality controls.

Blood Banking

We offer solutions in the blood transfusion process from collection, separation to storage. Products include blood bags, blood by-products, and cold chain storage. We also offer blood processing solutions for blood safety testing, grouping and cross matching in both automated and standardised manual methods for safe transfusion.

CD4 Equipment & Reagents

We offer advanced clinical diagnostic systems for laboratories utilising flow cytometry, micro volume fluorimetry and molecular techniques providing absolute and percentage results of CD4 T lymphocytes to test and monitor progression of HIV/AIDS.


We offer various methods of diagnosis, prevention & control of diseases caused by parasites. These include testing for plasmodium, amoeba and worms.

Polymerase Chain Reaction

We offer thermocyclers, primers, buffers, readers, and other accessories used in the technology of molecular biology and DNA amplification.

Point of Care Diagnostics

POC Diabetes Care: We offer innovative insulin pumps as a medical device used for the administration of insulin, in the treatment of diabetes.We offer both for home and professional use testing devices and services such as glucose test meters and treatment follow-up monitors. Additionally, we have insulin syringes, pen needles and lancets with thin and short cannula.

Rapid test kits

We offer rapid diagnostic kits in strip and cassette format. These include HBsAG, PF/PAN, HIV, CrAgLFA, H. Pylori, pregnancy test, syphilis, HCV, FOB, and urinalysis strips.